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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Four weddings and...a birthday!

This year was full of weddings (and one "wedding") and of course, my birthday!
First up was Jenessa and Mike's on July 4th weekend:

lovely summery cake with all of those sunflowers!

After that, in the middle of August was my sister and (now) "sister-in-law" 's "wedding" celebration. They didn't have cake, just some refreshing mint ice cream. I heard it was very minty, and therefore, I did not try any, as I don't like mint. However, it was a nice party, and it was nice to see my whole family together.

Next was Gur and Hilary's small wedding, in the middle of October:

a very elegant cake-I just noticed how it matches the decor in the place that the reception was held-nice!

Fourth was recent, in the beginning of November, Adina and Ned's very Jewish wedding:

they had a lovely wedding (bride's?) cake and a lovely groom's cake

and, lastly, my birthday. no big cake, but there was a tasty dessert with my name on it:

the chocolate bites at Farallon. yum!
and I took a picture of what Benjie had, the "caramel apple sundae":

I had the last bite-it was pretty good!

overall, a great year full of celebrations! next year will also be full of weddings. crazy how life changes from going to all of your friends'/family's birthday/bar/bat mitzvah parties to all of your friends' weddings. just shows that we are all growing up!

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  • They say that for wedding cake, you either pick one that looks good, or one that tastes good. So which of those cakes do you think was the tastiest?

    By Blogger Allison Ford, At 1:55 PM  

  • hmm...sounds like someone's been doing research...I think the one for Gur and Hilary's wedding, the small one with the flowers tasted the best.

    By Blogger Ariel, At 2:29 PM  

  • Happy belated birthday! And my but all those yummy cakes are gorgeous.

    By Anonymous Ari (Baking and Books), At 8:40 AM  

  • thanks! they tasted as good as they looked. ;o)

    By Blogger Ariel, At 3:08 PM  

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